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Modernization and Retrofit

The area of retrofit and service is a very important field, especially in the segment of XXL machines. When purchasing a new XXL machine not only the cost of the machine but also the costs of “periphery” have to be considered (foundation, media connection …).

With a retrofit, the customer saves this expenditure and receives a machine as good as new for lower costs, which fits into his existing layout and meets the current technical requirements

We offer you:

  • general overhauling of machines of different manufacturers
  • retrofitting of conventional machines to modern CNC including all required modernizations on mechanical components
  • partly overhauling
  • relocation of machines
  • geometric inspection of machines and, if necessary, corrections
  • procurement and supply of spare parts


Mr. von der Heyden
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Our retrofit includes the worldwide retrofit and overhauling of machine tools and components for machine tools, independent of make and machining processes. For this, not only the obligatory Schiess assembly team, but also the capacities of purchasing, production and quality assurance, electrical commissioning and documentation are available.


In the field of service, we offer you a worldwide service regarding all aspects of machine tools. This service is independent of manufacturer or machine type and includes everything from erection, alignment, commissioning, trouble shooting, repair, and test machining to customer-specific requirements. Our service supports you with machine tools and machine tool components – worldwide, independent of make and machining processes.

Beside service in the event of “damage”, we also offer you preventive measures for avoiding machine breakdowns / downtimes e.g. due to service / maintenance contracts. These have to be adjusted and adapted to the individual customer.

Spare part service

By manufacturing of high-precision machine tools, that are tailored to specific customer requirements, we adapted to it when it is about material procurement and storage capacity.

To be able to provide our global customers with spare parts quickly, essential wear parts are kept in store for customer orders and on-site service.

Furthermore, we have established a worldwide network of suppliers and reliable forwarding and courier service companies. Thus, we can fulfill your requests at any place and at any time, in desired quality and quantity.

We offer you also additional machining of your parts as well as manufacturing of new parts in our job order production. We will support you if questions or problems with your old machines arise. We can come back to our in-house archive, where documents of old machines from the last 60 years are kept.

We are your partner

A specialist for machining of complex and high-accurate components.

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